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Sensor-based Sorting (SBS) of Ores

Mining operations are becoming more challenging with rising energy costs, falling ore body head‑grades, and lower profit margins. Sensor-based ore sorting is a class of technologies that offers potential solutions by upgrading the ore prior to processing and reducing the amount of plant throughput. Several technologies are available for ore sorting and there is a need to determine which technology is the most suitable for upgrading a deposit. Each mineral deposit being unique with unique mineralogy characteristics for both ore and waste.

Jane will take us through a brief history of sensor-based sorting (SBS) – both particle and bulk sorting. Additionally, she will discuss the different types of sensors and sorting technologies, as well as the importance of ore characterization. Jane will provide insight to evaluating the suitability of a selected technology to the processing of an ore (tools for comparing sorting technologies). As we look to the future of sensor-based sorting, Jane will touch on the advances made in sensors, pre-treatment of ores and digitization.



Guest Speaker


Jane Danoczi, Pr.Sci.Nat, Engineer Licensee, B.Sc. (Physics and Applied Mathematics), M.Sc. (Metallurgy) Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) - Mining and Energy Division

After school Jane joined the South African Navy, taught herself programming and was employed as a weapons officer where she optimised the tracking and alignment of the 114 mm guns on the Frigates, and the 76 mm guns on the Strike craft. She also worked on the torpedoes search angles and on the flight profile of the missiles. She received the Chief-of-Defence-Force Commendation medal for her work integrating six Strike craft into the Navy’s fleet. After six years in the navy, she went back to school.

As a student she was involved in optimizing the design of the mirage aircraft for the Airforce, recording the coefficients of lift and drag on the telemetry systems. She also worked on the particle accelerator in Johannesburg, implanting fluorine into carbon to make semiconductors.

Jane joined De Beers in 1990 where she was involved in developing various sorting technologies for upgrading ore prior to processing as well as technologies for concentrating kimberlite for the recovery of diamonds. Before immigrating to Canada, Jane opened her own consultancy where she audited and evaluated various technologies, including sorting technologies. This included assessing the ore characteristics and the suitability of the chosen technology for the task at hand. Prior to working at the SRC, Jane served as Process Design Manager at Shore Gold Inc., where she oversaw the design of the diamond recovery plant and selection of the processing technologies.

Jane has over three decades experience in R & D, worked in five different countries and consulted worldwide. Jane is currently enrolled in a PhD program at the U of S where she is researching Sensor-based sorting.



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