Executive Officers 2020-2021


Melanie Stare


Keenan Collins

Past Chair 2022-2023

Dave Tamney


Shawn Whimpney


Skylar Flynn


Membership Coordinator

Kelsey Hewitt

Communications Coordinator

Kevin Ma

Sponsorship Coordinator

Dylan Shacker

Website Coordinator

Dennis Lammers

Scholarship Coordinator

Donna Beneteau

Golf Tournament Coordinator

Dustin Bast

Special Event Committee

Brad Hill

U of S Liason

Doug Milne

SK Polytech Liason

JC Steves

U of S Student Chapter Liason

Simon McPhee

CIM National Liason

Jason Belanger

Members at Large/Oversight

Vanessa Calayan

Chuck Edwards

Dave McIntosh

Richard May

Erin Moss Tressel


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Branch Membership

Benefit from our events by gaining knowledge from your peers and presenters at technical events and by building bonds with industry stakeholders.