2023 CIM Community Funding Application

The Sudbury Branch of the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum is once again calling on all groups and post-secondary institutions in the Greater Sudbury area to submit proposals for funding for 2023.


Founded in 1898, the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM) is the leading technical society of professionals in the Canadian Minerals, Metals, Materials and Energy Industries.  CIM has always maintained three objectives:


  • ˜   To facilitate the exchange of knowledge and technology,
  • ˜   To foster networking, professional development and fraternity,
  • ˜   To recognize excellence and outstanding achievements in the minerals industry

CIM has over 14,600 members, convened from industry, academia, and government.  With 10 Technical Societies and over 35 Branches, our members help shape, lead, and connect Canada’s mining industry, both within our borders and across the globe.


Our Sudbury Branch holds regular meetings, conferences, and social activities for our members.  Profits raised from these activities are used to support local initiatives that encourage mining related activities and education.


Yearly funding is divided into two separate groups; The Innovation Education Fund to help support primary/secondary teachers who are teaching earth sciences and trade related subjects; and the CIM Community Fund, which includes post- secondary activities and community group activities supporting mining knowledge and education.


The Community funding guidelines and application forms are attached.  Please note that the deadline to receive proposals for 2023 CIM Community Funding is Wednesday, March 31, 2023.  However, donations are awarded throughout the course of the season until the season’s budget is exhausted.  So please submit your applications as early as possible.


Should you require further details, please contact the undersigned.




Karen Paquette

Donations Chair 

CIM Sudbury Branch         





1. Requests must be from community groups or post-secondary education facilities

2. Requests must focus on engineering/technological events, with emphasis on activities connected to the mining, metallurgical, petroleum industries and trades.

3. The request must indicate how this event or activity supports the mining community.

4. CIM requests that you send updates with photos after your event. This information will be presented to our members to show how the CIM Branch funding is helping the mining community. More importantly, it will be used to justify future support for your event or organization.  

5. Indicate on the request how the event / activity sponsors will be acknowledged for their contribution to the event / activity.

6. For best chance at funding, proposals must be received no later than March 31, 2023.

7. To fill the pdf form on the following page:

    - Open the PDF document in Adobe Acrobat

    - Complete form filling by clicking in a field and typing

    - Sign the form: Use the Signature field if your digital signature configured in Acrobat or use the alternate text box to type your name.


    - Print the form, fill by hand, and scan the completed form.

8. Return requests to:


Karen Paquette

Donation Chair

CIM Sudbury Branch

E-mail: karen.paquette@vale.com



Download the application form HERE