October 28, 2019 Minutes

CIM New Brunswick Branch Minutes of the AGM held October 28, 2019


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The meeting was preceded with a forty-five minute social with complimentary hors d’oeuvres to afford participants a networking opportunity.


1. The meeting was called to order at 5:15 pm.


2. M. Coleman moved to approve the agenda seconded by R. Shaw, carried.


3. T. Healy moved approval of the minutes of the 2018 AGM, as tabled, seconded by D. Lawrence, carried.


4. Chair’s Report:

On January 24th Distinguished Lecturer Peter Bradshaw made a luncheon presentation at UNB and received a tour of the Geology Department.

In February T. Healy and J. Day made a presentation at the AGS Colloqium on the Provided Gemstone Initiative.

In March T. Healy coordinated Branch participation in the CIM Secret Marathon and we had the second highest turnout for this event.

Two tentative Distinguished Lecturer scheduled for March Chad laPoudre and Siri Genik were cancelled.

The annual Bathurst Mini-Convention was held May 31 - June 1 which included a field trip which looked at the stratigraphy and structure of Limestone Point, Petit Rocher Nord and a site visit to Osisko Metals Key Anacon and Key Anacon East (Titan Zone) deposits.

Technical sessions included a backgrounder on the Mi’Kmaq Nation and the duty to consult, a synopses of activities at Key Anacon and Gilmour South and a keynote presentation by Distinguished Lecturer Dominic Fragomeni - “Innovation In Mineral Processing: Celebrating the Past ... Look to the Future “


5. Treasurer’s Report: The following summary of our financial position was presented:

Opening Balance - 01/01/2019.    $   42,168.44

Net Income year to date.              $     1,754.54

Cash Balance - 31/10/2019.         $   43,922.98


6. The following sponsors were acknowledged for their generous support of Branch activities: Activation Labs Dillon Consulting Energy & Resource Development, Govt. NB Jaeger Resources MacLean Engineering Mira Geoscience Orin Geoscience 2018 Inc. Osisko Metals Reflex Instrument NA Ltd. Trevali Mining


7. There was no new business.


8. Guest Speaker:

Allan Cramm, CIM Eastern District VP made a presentation entitled “CIM Engagement “. The presentation focused on ONE CIM and the awareness by National that Branches are integral to the success of CIM across the country. They will be working to help keep Branches going and to foster better communication will be inviting Branch representatives to participate in National Council Meetings. They are working on CIM Link a one stop shop to provide services to members. He highlighted the concern that there is no longer a mining school in eastern Canada. While, unlike other industries, we are still using equipment that hasn’t changed in a hundred years we also employ very sophisticated technology which is something many people don’t realize. We need to get this message out to youth to get them engaged in helping us solve problems facing the industry.


9. The meeting was adjourned at 5:47 pm on a motion by A. Park. Following adjournment informal discussion continued on some of the points Allan raised.